Green Tea Benefits for Men

Are there green tea benefits for men? Certainly there are a lot. The most significant of all is its antioxidant content which is very essential to promote men’s health. Green tea prevents cell damage for younger skin and longevity Antioxidants are very powerful in protecting our body from the negative effects of getting old. Antioxidants … Read more

Green Tea Extract Benefits

Green tea extract benefits the body system by assisting in weight loss, fighting cancer, and lowering cholesterol rate and blood pressure. Green tea for weight loss Green tea extract is high in antioxidants such as ECGC which significantly cancels the negative effects of unhealthy fat diet and smoking. Green tea extract can increase the metabolism … Read more

Green Tea and Cancer

Can green tea prevent or cure cancer? Yes, it does. Penn State University study revealed that drinking green tea can kill oral cancer cells. Green tea, which is popular in China and Japan, contains polyphenol compound such as catechin which is a powerful antioxidant that can fight cancer. Green tea EGCG, with its free radical … Read more

Organic Green Tea

Now that many are turning to organic, it would be healthier if organic green tea be included in your diet because of its amazing health benefits. Organic green tea can prevent and treat cancer, correct heart problems, normalize cholesterol levels, treat cardiovascular diseases. Organic green tea can also be a good remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, … Read more

Green Tea Metabolism

Millions of people drink green tea to lose weight. Chinese and Japanese have used green tea for many years but only recently did the researches on green tea health benefits reached the Western countries. One of the reasons why green tea is popular among those wanting to shed some pounds is because of the green … Read more

Green Tea Skin Benefits

Almost everyone is talking about the amazing healing benefits of green tea. Women and men with skin problem will surely want to know what green tea skin care is. The active and important ingredient in green tea is known as antioxidant which is referred to as catechin polyphenols. Black tea including white tea also contains … Read more

Green Tea Fat Burner

Many overweight and obese people, both young and adult, are working towards their ideal weight. Obesity rate in America is among the highest in the world. About 74.6 % of Americans are overweight and obese. They are continuously finding the best solutions to help people lose weight and green tea fat burner might just be … Read more

Green Tea Extract Capsules

Green tea has been around the corner for thousands of years and has changed and helped people improve their over-all health condition. It’s a small herb with amazing powerful antioxidants that aid in the body metabolism. Steeped green tea gives you many antioxidant benefits and just 3 cups of green tea drink everyday can bring … Read more

Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

Have you tried almost all kinds of weight loss diet you can get except green tea diet?Are you desperate to lose those extra fats from your body. Maybe it’s time to try green tea weight loss diet? China has been known to use green tea as an herbal and medicinal tea drink for thousands of … Read more

Is Green Tea Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is a difficult stage because you are inhibited to do many things or to consume some food or drinks for fear that they will affect the unborn child; this includes green tea caffeine. Of course, some pregnant women would want to have all the necessary vitamins and minerals that will be good got the … Read more