Green Tea and Black Tea

Ancient Chinese got the most benefits of antioxidants whether it was green tea or black tea. We don’t judge a tea by its color. Over the years though, green tea have gained fame over black tea because many observational researches came out with results that green tea has more health benefits over other teas.

Tea comes from the same plant Camellia Sinensis plant. The difference in the tea types, colors, tastes, and aromas depends on the regions where they are propagated. Between green and black tea, which is better? Although, many studies say that green tea is better than black tea, both have their own health benefits.

More Antioxidants in Green Tea than Black Tea

Antioxidants protect the body cell from being damaged by free radicals; free radicals expose the body to risks of heart diseases, cancers and other disorders. Both tea contain antioxidants or polyphenols.

  • Researchers found that black tea has lesser phenols amounting to 125 mg of gallic acid while green tea has 165 mg gallic acid.
  • A cup of tea can give an oxidative capacity of 436 mg of Vitamin C compared to 239 mg of Vitamin C in black tea.
  • Green tea has 8 times more catechins called EGCG. The more EGCG there are, the healthier the tea drink is. Catechins EGCG are what make green tea better than black tea. Because green tea is not processed, the EGCG contents are preserved from oxidation. A cup of green tea contains 40-90 mg of EGCG compared to black tea which is only 5-10 mg.
  • The oxidation process in manufacturing black tea results to the oxidization of catechins  into other compounds like thearubigens and theaflavins. These are helpful antioxidants but not as potent as EGCG.

The Difference in Taste

Which tea has a better taste, green tea or black tea? It all depends on one’s taste. Green tea comes from dried and not wilted tea leaves. Right after picking, they are processed by steaming. It tastes a bit grassy or vegetal and also greenish or yellowish in color. The black tea, on the other hand, has been wilted and underwent full oxidation; that’s the reason for its strong and sweet taste and aroma as well as the dark or reddish color.

There is no argument as to which is the better tea. The green tea, because it does not undergo fermentation process has preserved all the vital antioxidants needed by the body. But this does not question what black tea can also do to one’s health.

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