Green Tea Extract Benefits

Green tea extract benefits the body system by assisting in weight loss, fighting cancer, and lowering cholesterol rate and blood pressure.

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea extract is high in antioxidants such as ECGC which significantly cancels the negative effects of unhealthy fat diet and smoking.

Green tea extract can increase the metabolism rate for fat while enhancing the process of thermogenesis, eventually helping in weight loss for patients suffering from anxiety. Green tea extract in liquid provides you with a feeling of being full which discourages you from eating. The extract can be integrated in your weight loss program since it can burn a greater amount of calories.

Green tea and cancer

ECGC can also effectively kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of cancer cells without negatively affecting the healthy tissue of our body. Consumption of the green tea extract can also help in curing patients with cancers of the breast, skin, liver, lungs, bladder, pancreas, prostate and stomach.

Green tea and high blood pressure

Significant intake of green tea extract can aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It can effectively help in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Green tea extract can lower high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in our body and eventually prevent blood clotting. The extract also promotes the production of HDL or good cholesterol which eliminates plaque in our blood vessels while keeping the arteries elastic to lower our risk of suffering from any heart disease. Those with hypertension can also benefit from the wonders of green tea extracts since it lowers blood pressure.

Other green tea extract health benefits

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract has high amount of antioxidants for good health.

Other green tea extract benefits include the prevention of tooth decay and liver disease, regulation of blood sugar levels, prevention of infection and slowing down the aging process. The fountain of youth are the antioxidants in green tea extract that slow down aging and make you look younger.

Green tea extract is powerful in eliminating plaque causing bacteria and preventing tooth decay.

Polyphenols in green tea extract can decrease the amount of amylase or enzyme. This enzyme converts starch into sugar as produced by our body to lower risk of having diabetes.

Green tea extract is also antiviral and antibacterial which helps in fighting influenza and diarrhea.

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