Green Tea Extract Capsules

Green tea has been around the corner for thousands of years and has changed and helped people improve their over-all health condition. It’s a small herb with amazing powerful antioxidants that aid in the body metabolism. Steeped green tea gives you many antioxidant benefits and just 3 cups of green tea drink everyday can bring you a light and healthy feeling. The Kissa Yokoji (Book of Tea) written in 1191 by a Zen priest emphasized the positive green tea side effects to five major vital organs most especially the heart.

A convenient choice

What if you are always busy running around and can’t stop for a nice hot green tea drink? There is nothing to worry as other alternatives to green tea will provide the same antioxidant contents as green tea drinks. One of the products you can substitute to green tea drink is the green tea extract pills.

Green tea diet has been gaining attention even in the western countries; thus, many manufacturers of green tea pills are flourishing.  However, before taking any supplements, some valuable information is a must to know.

  • Green tea extract capsules are the most convenient way to enjoy the benefits of green tea extract.
  • The potent antioxidant properties of green tea capsules are greater than vitamin C.
  • Green tea extract capsules work as diuretic and stimulant. They are good for controlling bleeding in wounds, improving heart condition and regulating glucose in the body as well as temperature.
  • Combined with exercise and balanced diet, green tea capsules can help you lose weight.
  • Green tea capsules may be helpful in delaying brain cells from dying such as the cases of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. More clinical studies and better treatment for these two degenerative disorders are in progress, and in the future may ultimately be the cure.
  • Green tea capsules can protect liver damage caused by alcoholism and may help treat viral hepatitis.
  • Taking green tea capsules may also reduce the pain of arthritis rheumatism as revealed in many studies.
  • It may not be the cure right now, but some studies show that HIV attacking t-cells may be inhibited by green tea polyphenols.

The price must be right

Not all green tea diet in the market is similar. Because green tea is a booming business in herbal supplements, some companies are using substandard products for higher profit. If the product is sold at very least cost, then you must be dubious. Premium green tea extract are used in quality products.  Some additives may not be helpful at all for your health. Of course, you can’t get more for less. So in choosing the right green tea extract capsules or any supplement, get all information on the labels and the price, too instead of just joining the bandwagon.  Besides, green tea is not a magic formula for your good health; it is still dependent on your healthy lifestyle.

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