Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

Have you tried almost all kinds of weight loss diet you can get except green tea diet?Are you desperate to lose those extra fats from your body. Maybe it’s time to try green tea weight loss diet?

China has been known to use green tea as an herbal and medicinal tea drink for thousands of years. From ancient time until today, the Chinese people believe in the healing ability of green tea as well as an effective diet. It can cure everything from depression to headaches, and also from hypertension to weight loss.

Weight loss researches on green tea

Researchers have conducted various studies to find out what substance or ingredients are present in green tea making it an effective diet aid. Scientists found out that it  contained antioxidants in the leaves. These antioxidants provide the body with health  aid benefits. Green tea is processed only by steaming or drying; hence it has all the helpful antioxidants. Green tea diet has all the necessary antioxidants retained because it does not undergo oxidation.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study by American and Swiss scientists at the Geneva University which focused on the benefits of green tea. According to their findings, the weight loss benefits of green tea is because of a compound which promote thermogenesis in the body. Because of this compound, there is an increased rate in body metabolism and appetite is also suppressed.

Researchers discovered that the catechin polyphenols are responsible for weight loss. Green tea has the highest percentage of catechin polyphenols among other teas and drinks. They increase metabolism which aid in weight loss. These substances speed up the rate to burn fats and calories that’s why it is an effective green tea diet. In addition, green tea is a diuretic removing water weight in the body. To avoid dehydration, green tea drinkers need to take more water too.

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