Green Tea Weight Loss Patches

All the fuss about weight loss is making Atkins and South Beach low-carb diet hype and now the green tea diet. Aside from fad diets, the latest weight loss product in the market is the green tea weight loss patches.

Why use weight loss patches

Loss weight effortless- use green tea weight loss patches.

Where did the idea of weight loss patches originate? With the popularity of nicotine patch to curb nicotine addiction, weight loss market researchers conceived the weight loss patches which may effectively work in the same manner as nicotine patch. Overweight people as you know do not really have the patience to follow a weight loss diet. Even if weight loss supplements are available, they still forget to drink the capsules daily. The most convenient way then is to use weight loss patches which you will never forget or be worried about missing a dose.

The weight loss patch is a 24-hour dose that is fastened to the skin. It is being sold under the popular brand names Acai Berry Patch, Hoodia Patch, Pink Patch, Slim Weight Patch and other brands.  The main weight-losing ingredients in these green tea weight loss patches are algae and seaweeds which are known to suppress the appetite. However with more researches and product improvement, they are now out in the market.

The Chinese have used green tea as a health and herbal drink. Recent studies have reported how the antioxidant, catechin polyphenols,  in green tea can help avoid certain types of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. The same polyphenols in green tea can speed up the body metabolism and aid in burning calories. This is what the pharmaceutical companies have in mind when they conceived green tea weight loss patches.

Better than other weight loss products

Are there side effects in using green tea weight loss patches? When compared with other products for losing weight like Ephedra, green tea weight loss patches do not cause any heart-related side effects. There is no fear of having palpitations or increased heart rate.

In short, green tea weight loss patches work in two ways. Firstly, it lessens the appetite in a natural and safe way. Secondly, it speed up the body metabolism. It’s the best weight loss product you can use. However, the most important thing is that they don’t have any harmful green tea side effects.

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