Green Tea Weight Loss Tablets

The people of China and Japan have been known to drink green tea for many centuries. Nowadays, green tea is being exported all over the world. The health benefits of green tea had expanded to the western countries as researchers emphasized the health and weight loss properties of green tea. More researches are underway to learn about the benefits of green tea. But one thing is sure, green tea products are safe alternative to synthetic compounds and additives found in many weight loss products.

Green tea tablet

One weight loss product with green tea compounds is the green tea weight loss tablets. They have the ability to help overweight and obese achieve the recommended weight they are targeting. Green tea works by increasing the metabolism rate of the body for burning calories and eliminating fat especially the bad cholesterol in the body. Over-all health is achieved too because green tea tablets make digestion process faster.

What is in green tea tablets that make them effective for weight loss? Green tea contains antioxidant catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which can help burn body fat. Aside from reducing fats, green tea catechins aid in lowering blood glucose in diabetics.

Not green tea alone

Drinking green tea weight loss tablets alone is not the key to losing weight. Like many supplements, a balanced diet along with an exercise program will improve your health and your desire to lose weight. Skipping a meal and taking green tea tablet will not be enough for your energy needs. Weight loss and fat burning are effective when all the multiple systems work together, including taking green tea tablets.

Effects of green tea tablets

Green tea tablets are the safest method to lose weight so far. But anything in excess is not good. Some avid green tea drinkers may be taking too much of green tea second to water. Green tea products have health benefits greater than green tea side effects. However, it is still wise to be informed just in case you think you know everything about green tea.

  • Green tea tablets may not be good to take with meals because they may inhibit the mineral absorption by the body specifically iron, and may lead to iron deficiency.
  • Because it contains caffeine just like coffee, although in minimal level, too much green tea in the body may cause anxiety, irritability, dizziness, heart palpitations and insomnia.
  • Some green tea tablets have other ingredients which may be harmful to your liver. Check the product if it only contains pure green tea extract.
  • Some people taking regular medications for their illnesses may experience possible drug interaction. The compounds in green tea can reduce or inhibit the effects of certain medications, including adenosine, benzodiazepines, clozapine and lithium. Before taking green tea supplements, consult your doctor.
  • People with kidney disorder, heart problems, ulcers or anxiety should not take green tea tablets or any green tea products. Breastfeeding and pregnant women are not advised to take green tea, too.

Green tea tablets come from Camellia Sinensis plant concentrate and should be taken according to recommended dose. Because green tea has the potent catechins, green tea weight loss tablets are the most convenient way to enjoy its health benefits.

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