How to Make Green Tea

Experts on making green tea drink will tell you that the proper way to brew tea will make it taste better. Does boiling too much or less affect the catechin polyphenol potency of green tea? To get all the benefits of green tea, you must know how to make green tea drink.

Brewing green tea

The connoisseurs are right. The secret on how to make green tea taste better is on the water temperature.  Research studies revealed that using the right temperature of water and steeping the tea longer will be more beneficial because the polyphenols in the tea is increased. Polyphenols in tea are the powerful antioxidants that make tea a very healthy drink. Boiling water may be good for brewing black tea or oolong tea, but you need to be gentle with your green tea.

The best way to brew green tea, according to green tea connoisseurs is under one minute in water that hasn’t boiled yet. For a short period of time, the green tea is steeped. What happens when you boil the water and steep longer? The result will be a bitter flavor.

Factors to boost rich polyphenol levels in green tea

Green tea is carefully processed immediately from harvest.If you like to get the highest polyphenol levels, several factors on how to make green tea should be considered

  • Size of the green tea leaves. Infusion is quick when you use small loose green tea leaves. Large and tightly curled green tea leaves will take more time to infuse.
  • Use loose leaf.  Loose leaves are better than tea bags. If you are using green teabags, you have to continuously dip it in the water because it will float on top.
  • Proper temperature. Green tea is best brewed in 160-179 degrees Fahrenheit. To know whether your water temperature is just right, remove the kettle off from the heat as the water begins to boil. Then let it cool for a minute before you pour it over the green tea leaves.
  • Steeping time. Shorter steeping time can result to high caffeine content but lower polyphenol. The recommended steeping time is between 2 to 5 minutes. Longer steeping time will mean more benefits of increased polyphenol content.

You don’t have to be a green tea connoisseur to make a great tasting drink but following the guidelines above will give you the optimum benefit of green tea. In addition, drink your green tea hot so you will get all the antioxidants.

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